1. A laparoscopic surgeon in Nashik removed 4,100 gallstones from a 43-year-old patient:

                                          Patient Yogesh Yewle with Dr Amit Sharad Kele after the surgery

A laparoscopic surgeon in Nashik removed 4,100 gallstones from a 43-year-old patient on Saturday. Yogesh Yewle runs a hardware shop in Nashik and had been complaining of intense abdominal pain since Thursday.

After several tests confirmed gallstones, Dr Amit Sharad Kele, who runs Krishna Hospital, Nashik, operated on Ywele. Kele said each of the stones ranged 3mm to 4mm in diameter.

After the surgery, which lasted for almost four hours, two of hospital staff members were asked to count the stones. It took them two hours to reach the final count of 4,100 gallstones.

“The patient [Yewle] is responding to the treatment and will be discharged next week,” said Kele, adding obesity, diabetes, irregular food habits and cholesterol are reasons behind gallstone formation, which is becoming common in women.

Commenting on similar cases, Kele said the world record for removing most number of gallstones belong to Dr ML Saha from West Bengal, who removed 11,950 gallstones in 2015.

Kele said gallstones are made of cholesterol and a patient visits the doctor only after her or she is unable to bear abdominal pain. Surgery is the only option, he added. Severe gallstone disease can even lead to gallbladder cancer in 1 out of 1,000 patients.

2. A laparoscopic surgeon in Nashik removed72 coins from man’s stomach:

50-year-old, Akshay Pandit, (name changed), complained of stomach ache and was admitted to Krishna Hospital and Critical Care Centre, Nashik. After which, doctors took his x-ray and examined him with an endoscope. But, what doctors found inside him shocked them. As, instead of food, coins, nails and stones, were found inside his stomach.

Dr Amit Kele, a General and Laparoscopic Surgeon and Endoscopist at Krishna Hospital and Critical Care Centre, Nashik, said, “The patient is mentally unstable due to which he swallowed coins. We have removed approximately 72 coins from his stomach with the help of endoscopy.”

The coins swallowed by him were stuck in his small intestine. Since three years, Pandit was vomiting and faced indigestion problems. Owing to which, he was on a liquid diet. After three hours, the coins and nails were removed with the help of endoscopy, by the doctors.

Dr Amit Kele further said, “This surgery was challenging. Metalophrezia (a mental disorder in which a person tends to swallow coins) which is rare. Though, Pandit is fine now and will be discharged on Saturday.”

Speaking about this, Dr Sagar Mundada Practicing psychiatrist based in Mumbai, said, “Metalophrezia is a rare condition, in which a person tends to swallow coins and nails. So, a patient should be counselled, evaluated and treated properly.”